7 Must have Visual Studio Code extensions for all programmers

Visual Studio Code is one of the most used IDE’s out there and is used extensively by many programmers If you haven’t used Visual Studio Code yet, I highly recommend you to install it and try it out with the following extensions. Download Visual Studio Code

Here are some Visual Studio Code extension’s to make your life easier:

  1. Live Server Live Server is probably one of the most important extensions and an extension when I use every time, I code in HTML and CSS. It opens up your html file in a localhost which can be helpful in accessing it from other devices in the same network. Not only that, it also has an auto-reload feature which reloads the page every time, you save a change in VS Code. Link to download it
  2. Prettier — Code Formatter Prettier is an extension which helps in keeping your code clean. Even though, you can format your code using VS Code, Prettier has it’s own advantages and support for many languages Link to download it
  3. Material Icon Theme This extension is very useful as it helps you identify files much faster by just first sight. It has hundreds of icons and they map automatically to a file when you create one Link to download it
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Material Icon Theme example (These are just a few among thousands)

4. Material Theme Material Theme provides a variety of themes to customise the appearance of VS Code. Light Mode, Dark Mode, anything you need Link to download it

5. Bracket Pair Colorizer Too many brackets? Don’t worry. This extension will help you map brackets with colours and help you find the right one. Link to download it

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6. Live Sass Compiler If you are a SASS or an SCSS person, this extension is a must have. It automatically looks for changes and compiles them. You can also set where you want your css file to go. All in all, this is a life saver Link to download it

7. TabNine I almost forgot this one. This is one of the most important extensions for me, and it does almost half of my work. It has an advanced AI technology which constantly gives you suggestions based on your previous code, what people write a lot, repetitions, etc. Link to download it

These are only some of the wonderful package of extension Visual Studio Code offers. It is my favourite editor and I highly recommend you try it out if you’ve not yet done so