Create and Share beautiful images of your source code with Carbon

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Want to share a snippet of code and at the same time want it to look good? Here's brought to you Carbon

With Carbon you can just type/paste your code or just drag and drop a file and create wonderful images like this


  1. You can login to your Github to store your snippets in carbon
  2. First of all go to
  3. Select the theme you want. I have used Seti in the above theme
  4. Select the language your code is written in
  5. You can select a colour or an image for the background of your code
  6. Click on the settings button to tweak various configurations, like creating presets for the snippets, font family, size, line height and much more
  7. You can copy to clipboard the code snippet in the form of:
    1. Image
    2. Medium
    3. Iframe
    4. Plain URL
  8. You can tweet your snippet. Pretty cool, hunh?
  9. You can export your snippet in the form of png or svg, change size of the image, and change the file name

Now, no more sharing code as text messages... Just export them to images with carbon!

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