RITA - Batteries included starter for Adonis apps

RITA - Batteries included starter for Adonis apps

People who've tried Laravel would know how easy it makes lives of developers. Then, came in AdonisJS which is essentially just Laravel for Typescript developers. I've used both for a while now and love not having to go through long processes of setting up codebases from scratch.

One of my seniors, told me about Inertia and we used it for a couple of projects with Laravel and it was amazing to be able to use Laravel with React. Essentially, Inertia is just a connector / glue between server-side and client-side frameworks.

With Inertia you build apps just like you've always done with your server-side web framework of choice. You use your framework's existing functionality for routing, controllers, middleware, authentication, authorization, data fetching, and more.

The only thing that's different is your view layer. Instead of using server-side rendering (eg. Blade or ERB templates), the views are JavaScript page components. This allows you to build your entire front-end using React, Vue or Svelte.

By using Inertia, I was able to pass data from my server side framework (Laravel) to my client side framework (ReactJS) as props which made it super easy to work with data since I had to no longer do the work of fetching data from REST or GraphQL APIs.

My senior created LIRET which uses Laravel and React with Inertia as an adapter with more features out of the box.

I finally came across inertia-adonisjs which is a Inertia.js AdonisJS Provider.

I recreated the LIRET stack but with AdonisJS and then came up RITA

RITA is a batteries-included starter for Adonis apps. The full form of Rita is React Inertia Typescript Adonis.



  • AdonisJS
  • Database (MySQL but you can change it very easily)
  • Authentication
    • Email-Password
    • Github
    • Gmail
    • You can also add other providers very easily
  • Admin Authorisation with Middleware support


  • Frontend with React and Typescript
  • TailwindCSS setup
  • Some built in components/hooks like useTitle and TextInput for simplicity
  • Built in components for Authorisation validation like <Admin>, <User>, <Authenticated> and <Guest>

Using Inertia as a connector.

There are a few more features and you can find detailed instructions at the Readme.

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