How to learn programming? - A developer's perspective

How to learn programming? - A developer's perspective

So, one of the biggest hype in today's world, is coding or programming. Everyone is trying to learn how to code. People are willing to pay to teach their children how to code. But does it have to be that way?

Learning to code can seem like a very daunting task with so much to learn. Programming is a whole new world and even the best of developers touch only the tip of the iceberg. So here's how to learn programming, from a developer's point of view.

Spending Money should not be your first option

So, there are a lot of paid courses out there related to programming. Even though, some of these might be good quality, there are a lot of free resources out there to get you started. You might even never have to pay to learn to code, to be honest. One of the best resources out there is Youtube. Since this is not a blog post specifically citing resources, i will not list any down here. But I might make one later regarding the same.

Ask for help when you need, and help others when they need

The programming community is a big one. That is one of the reasons why any problem you might come across, there is a solution for the same 99% of time, out there on the internet. If there is not, ask people. Ask people you know, who might be able to help. If not, places like Stack Overflow is a really good community driven forum for this.

Understand basic concepts and get them strong

Whatever programming language you choose, get your basics strong. Do not skip directly to the big frameworks and libraries. That won't help. You need to understand the core concepts of programming and again a point to note is that, you need not know everything. You tend to learn stuff as you progress but you can only do that if your basics are strong.

Build Projects

One of the approaches which always has worked for me, when I am trying to learn a new programming language or framework, is to build projects. Yes, you will come across a lot of difficulties during this process, but you learn a lot trying to overcome these difficulties. Your project need not be perfect. It may have a lot of flaws. But, you can always go and better parts of the project which you think need improvement. And the project can be as small as a todo list or as big as a e-commerce app.

Keep learning

Learning doesn't take a stop after learning a programming language and creating a project with it. There are a lot of things you can still learn. You can learn more about the language you already learnt. You can try new frameworks or libraries.

So, that brings us to the end of this article. I might make a blog post specifically about how to learn web development in the near future. But I hope this would have inspired you to take a step forward to start learning about programming.