How to start a Django Project?

Django is one of the biggest web development with Python, web framework in the market and the biggest companies, including Facebook, Google, etc. have started using Django for it’s backend programming

So, here is how you can start your first Django Project


  1. You should have basic knowledge about Python and should be well-versed with Object Oriented programming in Python

  2. Basic frontend knowledge with HTML, CSS (You can use css frameworks like bootstrap to make your work easy)

  3. That’s pretty much it… So let’s get started

If you have come so far, in this blog, you must know Python well. So, since you have python installed, you would have got, PIP which is a python packaging tool, which is an equivalent of NPM if you have used JS

So, first we need to create a directory. For that, go into the terminal and type:

mkdir livecode247 && cd livecode247

Once you have done that, you will be inside, the livecode247 directory Now, run:

pip3 install django

This would take some time. After that is done, you would have installed Django on your laptop. However, it is always better to work on a virtual environment, so we will make one as follows

pip3 install virtualenv
virtualenv myenv --python=python3

This would: 1. Install virtualenv on your device 2. Create a vitualenv in the current directory, i.e. livecode247

Now, we need to activate this environment

source myenv/bin/activate

Now, that we have activated the environment, all our changes in here would not affect our device. So, now let us install django in this virtualenv

pip3 install django

Now, we will start a django project. To start a django project, run:

django-admin startproject livecode247 .


Now, run:

python3 runserver

Now, go to the browser and type Voilà, you have successfully created your first django project